Welcome to the Klaane Sachsehäuser

The Wagners and the „Klaane Sachsehäuser“

For 5 generations, exactly since 1886, the „Klaane Sachsehäuser“ is a very wellliked place of Sachsenhausen cider joyfulness.

From the annals of the Wagner family we learn, that on occasion of a hunting-party in the woods of the SPessart, the first of the Wagner accomplished the unbelievable stunt of hitting 2 hares at the same time with one round of his shotgun. „Who did it?“, asked the participants. „Well, that was him! The „Klaane Sachsehäuser.“

That is, how a name was created, which for almost one century gives evidence of hospitality, comfort and cheerfulness.

His son Balthasar sold the „Stuff“ („Stöffche“) from 1911 to 1938, and was followed by Heinrich Wagner, who in 1951 rebuilt the house, which had been completely destroyed in WW II. He was the master of the house until 1969.

Since that time, Manfred Wagner is wielding the „Cider Sceptre“, assied by his son Michael, who is following in the footprints of the Wagner fmily as well.

Tradition obliges!


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