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The chronicals – Part 1

When gardener Johann Balthasar Wagner, named „Balser“, requested a licence for selling his selfmade cider about 100 year ago, he laid the foundation for the „Klaane Sachsehäuser“.

A generation of gardeners turned into a generation of innkeepers, who had an great influence on the gastronomy of Sachsenhausen.

Balser Wagner was 44 years old and married to Anna Margarete, nee Schneider. They had a son, who was christened Johann Balthasar Wolfgang.
kranzBut for a start the garden-marked remained their mainjob. The pub was opened only on 6 days a month. On these days a chaplet was fixed to the wall.

The cider was served in a parlour, and in the summertimes in the backyard. The public appreciated the cider due to its various effects. Until now, you can read the following poem at the „Klaane Sachsehäuser“:

Hast de dich mied geschafft (worked ‚til your’re tired)
Stöffche des werkt (Stöffche will help)
Stöffche hat Zauberkraft (Stöffche is Magic)
Ebbelwei stärkt! (cider gives you power)

Several cider-drinkers were forced to a quickstart by the magic of the „Stöffche“. The operation hours were extended. The parlours became cider-pubs. On the menus you could find local specialities like „Handkäs“ – a special kind of cheese with onions and vinegar or different kinds of warm or cold sausages. The garden-market became less important. Balser and his wife Anna spent more and more time in the inn because they enjoyed their cheerful work with their friends and guests.

wagnerbildnisBalser Wagner wasn’t a tall man, but an enthusiastic huntsman. At an occasional hunting party in the woods of the Spessart, he hit 2 hares with one shot. As the other participants started to wonder, who did this trickshot, a huntsman answered
„Ei da, der klaane Sachsehäuser!“
(„That was him, the Klaane Sachsehäuser“)

That was how Balsar got his name, which he adopted for his pub, and you can’t imagine Sachsenhausen without it.

When Johann Balthasar Wagner died at the age of 72 year, he handed the „Klaane Sachsehäuser“ over to his son Johann Balthasar Wolfgang Wagner, and his wife Susanne, called Sannche, nee Steinmetz. 



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